John Worth is a singer/songwriter from San Fransisco and now living in Minneapolis. Albums include: American Gothic, 2020, Suburban Playground, Dick, Lost City, Deep Breath In and others (currently being remixed and remastered for re-release throughout 2021). In December of 2019 John joined with Kurtis Tripp and they formed the band GHOSTHEART. In 2020 they released their freshman album entitled Curfews and Revolutions available on most streaming sites. John is working on his next solo album, Crazy Wheel. The singles Crazy Wheel and Goodnight are available for preview on this site and YouTube.


  • John Worth and Kurtis Tripp Form GHOSTHEART
    Saturday, December 14 2019

    John Worth and Kurtis Tripp form the band GHOSTHEART. A quick way to change society is through its music. Today's the day.

  • John Worth Interview with
    Sunday, December 01 2019

  • John Worth and Kurtis Tripp Decide the LP Will Be an Album.
    Monday, November 18 2019

    Eight new songs coming your way.

  • John Worth working on solo album titled Crazy Wheel due out 3/1/2020
    Monday, November 18 2019

    Available on Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, and all other streaming apps.

  • John Worth announces LP with Kurtis Tripp!
    Thursday, April 11 2019

    John Worth and Kurtis Tripp will be collaborating on an LP entitled "Curfews and Revolutions" available in January.

  • Minneapolis In Trouble
    Sunday, May 31 2020

    Production on Crazy Wheel is indefinitely postponed as we work through these troubled times. I see a lot of damage in my community and I will be focusing there until further notice. When I return I will have a new logo. After the violence I have witnessed over the last few nights I feel moved to counterbalance what is happening with peace.

  • Previous Albums Being Released Throughout 2021
    Saturday, May 02 2020

    All of my albums previously released under John Robertson are being remixed and remastered before releasing under the new artist name John Worth. 

  • Crazy Wheel Album Drop Date Extended
    Saturday, February 22 2020

    This is the most technology sophisticated album I've recorded so far and as a result it is taking longer than I anticipated. The new drop "date" is sometime in the summer of 2020. Two singles from the upcoming album, Crazy Wheel (the song) and Goodnight, are streamable here for a sneak peek of what I've been working on. 


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    Brodie's in Tucson

    Performance with Kurtis Tripp and LoveLessLust

    09:00:00 PM


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